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Maple Story Europe

For all you EMS bloggers out there!

MapleStory: Europe
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Maple Story Europe Community!!

This place is currently undergoing some changes to make it better looking and more active, so don't pass by, sign up and get ready to start posting!!
(3rd November 2008)


Respect each other- We're all here to enjoy ourselves, no flaming or insults.
If you have problems with other users, either report it to the moderators or take it elsewhere.
Images- We highly encourage you to show off fan art and screenshots,
but be considerate, any more than 1 image is to be put under a cut.
Any images outside the cuts are limited to 400x400 pixels.
Swearing- Not wanting to bring down an iron fist on this, but remember there may be
users of all ages, so be courteous and use alternatives!


Contact- mapleeuromods[at]hotmail[dot]com

Other Communities

maplestory -- The original Maple Story Community!
badmaplestory -- Defaming, Rants. Inappropiate stuff that doesn't belong here.
maplestoryjapan -- Trying to find something JMS specific? Try here.
shtms -- for when you just feel the need to curse out maple, and all it entails.
maplestory__ic -- Maplestory in-character. A day in the life of..

Big thanks to maplestory especially as we're currently borrowing some themes whilst we're getting started!!